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2016 (11th DEC) Double 720 - WA/AA Registered. A New State Grand Prix Event

2016 Double 720 Event!

WA Registered & one of the New State Target Grand Prix

A grand prix target event.

Part of the NEW Grand Prix Event Target Pilot Series.

This event is a DOUBLE 720 and has been registered with world archery.

An exceptional opportunity for all archers to shoot on the line, next to some of the best in the country, come along, enjoy the atmosphere of a highly competitive event.

Archers Diary will be used with electronic scoring.

It should be an interesting and competitive event on the day.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the line competing at this new event!.

Enter the 2016 Double 720 HERE!

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Archery Victoria 720 Grand Prix Series 2016

Archery Australia (AA) have announced a set of 2017 MQS scores that are an increase on those previously required and are based purely on the World Archery (WA) 720 rounds along with the additional specification of the level of events they are shot at. The club and Archery Victoria (AV) calendars are being expanded to provide opportunities for archers to improve their 720 development of skills and abilities and hence scores by more regularly shooting these rounds in tournament events. Archers will also have increased opportunity to obtain AV & AA MQS and selection scores. These shorter events may also be attractive to the archers who seek shorter time duration events and events that align more closely with international events and the pathway to peak domestic events.

AV have introduced and agreed to financially underwrite a pilot series for the remainder of 2016 and two series of AV  WA720 / AA720 Grand Prix Series with the framework provided below.

1. Pilot series to run from 15/10/16 to 31/12/16 - simplified ranking of results in that an archer must have 3 scores (so 3 events to be eligible) and their 'score' is the average of their two highest event scores. This rule only applies to the pilot series. Countback method as for 720 Grand Prix but on the 2 plus spare 3rd score basis.

2. Two series being calendar year 2017 and 2018.

3. Each series is open only to financial WA/AA members but they may be from any WA/AA RGB.

4. The rounds included are WA50/720, WA60/720, WA70/720 and all the AA720 rounds.

5. The Grand Prix series shall award a 720 champion in each category male & female, with recognition consistent with other AV GrandPrix series.

6. Any number of events can be run in the series time period. A club must have approval of the AV Board (see later) to include an event in the series and the club must register the event via AA as a WA event

7. The events in this series cannot be run on the same days as calendared AV State events or Tournaments, and AA events if possible should be avoided. This is consistent with existing policies on the AV calendar.

8. Events in the series can be double 720, or may be two days each of a double 720.

9. The WA50/720 round is encouraged to be shot on the 80cm 6 ring face with one archer per face. WA rules (outside world champs & world cups) allow multiple archers on a full 80cm face so is allowed if the host club needs this set up.

10. For each event (even if two day) only the archer’s highest score from that event will be taken into account for the series total.

11. To be eligible to win, an archer must compete in 5 events of the series and their top 4 event scores count towards their total, with the 5th only being used if a triple tie break is required.

12. The winner in each category is:

12.1. The top scoring archer for 4 combined scores in each category. WA countback rules apply to determine a winner excepting the shoot off nearest to the middle is not possible so the deciding count back will include the 5th score as a raw point score, if still even then a WA matchplay match shall be run to decide the winner.

13. “Grand Champion WA50/720", “Grand Champion WA70/720"

13.1. Open to archers both male & female combined for each of WA50/720 & WA70/720 rounds. Further the title “Grand Champion WA50/720” and “Grand Champion WA70/720” shall be bestowed on the top scoring archer for 4 combined scores in each of these two categories.

13.1.1. WA countback rules apply to determine a winner excepting the shoot off nearest to the middle is not possible so the deciding count back will include the 5th score as a raw point score, if still even then a WA matchplay match shall be run to decide the winner.

13.2. The two Grand Champions (excluding 2016 Pilot Series) shall receive a quality engraved belt buckle with the title and year of the win indicated.

13.3. For 2016 & 2017 series a prize kitty for each Grand Champion category winner be raised either through AV Board support or be from a levy of $2/each per WA50/720 and WA70/720 archer per event nett of the belt buckle costs (as applicable) from the pool of levy collected for these two rounds (all divisions). Should either winner be a youth archer then a voucher of the prize kitty value to the archery store of their choice shall be provided. The value collected from the each pool of archers shall be the kitty for that pool. (N.B. the AV Board will decide which method soon)

14. Clubs may and are encouraged to provide further opportunities at their event such as matchplay, awards, prizes but these are at the discretion of the host club.

15. The AV Board can refuse to include a club’s application to host an event in the series if:

15.1. Judges are not available

15.2. The proposed WA720 event conflicts with an AV calendared State Shoot or Tournament

15.3. The club does not agree to undertake the event to WA registered event procedures

15.4. In the extraordinary situation that other unforeseen quality of tournament consideration cannot be resolved with the applicant club through negotiation.

15.5. Should circumstances arise that have not been considered when this pilot and two series were designed then the AV Board shall consider the same at board level and resolve the matter bindingly, fairly and without prejudice.

Archers will be charged an entry fee by the host clubs.

Club Facilites

Located Melbourne, Australia. One of Australia's largest target archery clubs. Victoria's largest target archery club. Activities for ages from 6 to 80, 42 permanent outdoor target range, 18 metre indoor range. Open 7 days, Active Junior Program, Come & Try Program, Oz Bow Program, Birthday Parties, Corporate Days, Scouts & Guides, Schools Archery, All Abilities Program, Coaching, Affiliated with WA (FITA), AA. & AV. Olympic, Compound, Long Bow & Barebow Divisions. Disabled accessibility. Home of Champions, Victoria's Main Olympic archery training venue.

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