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The Hudson Handicap

Harry Hudson explained in Volume 3 No. 22 of Archery Bulletin (22nd July 1950) the HUDSON HANDICAP SYSTEM as:

"This method of handicapping the members of the club has as its object the placing of every archer in competition with every other.

The maximum possible points on any day is determined by the number of archers competing on that particular day.

The handicap will vary as the archer shoots better than his average, the improved score becoming one of his best three and the previous lowest of the tree eliminated.”

It is considered by Harry that a system of this kind will have the following effects for the reasons as outlined hereunder:

1. Every archer in the club will have a competitive bond or interest in the others effort, because it will have a direct bearing on his own.

2. Archers will come more consistently to archery, because they will have something to lose if they don't put on an appearance.

3. The advantage of the learner and his low average can only last as long as he consistently raises his average, because as he shoots over his average the figure automatically readjusts itself.

4. If few archers turn up on a bad day they will receive a reward even if, through bad conditions, they scores are low, because every one must get points in relation to the number and according to their scores.

5. No archer, knowing his or her score, can tell what the ultimate outcome might be, because no one could know how many will be present at any shoot."

Mooorabbin Archery Club still has The Hudson Handicap event still running monthly today!

One of our key main Monthly Competition Rounds, any archer from novice to the most experianced has a chance of winning the Hudson Handicap, but you have to be in it to stand any chance of winning it!. (A "Canberra" round)

Check our club CALENDAR to see on which day each month it is.



MAC 75th Anniversary!!! - Saturday 4th December 2021 

As you know we’re celebrating our 75th Anniversary on 4 December and we’re pretty excited about it.

Check out MAC photos history here!

We have simplified the program so you can attend all or just some of the key activities - here’s how it looks:

1.30 on:    Equipment set up (either yours or Bill William’s at no charge – thanks Bill)

2pm:         Welcome by President Fergus Forsyth

2.05pm:    Fun Shoot (not fancy dress – so no prizes for that)

3.15-4pm: Club photo (for those who have their official MAC Club shirts)

4pm:         Presentation & Bill Williams insights into the 75 year history of MAC

5pm:         Eat/drink spit roast (gyros style)

                 Cutting of the Anniversary cake (for dessert) by someone special..       

As mentioned previously numbers are restricted so you need to register.  Let us know which parts you’d like to attend, also for catering purposes please advise us of any dietary restrictions when you do.  You can RSVP me by emailing or phone 9553 1483 by 26 November 2021.  We don't want to offend, however this event is for those who are vaccinated, also late responses beyond that date, or unregistered people that turn up on the day, can not be accommodated sorry. 

If you have any old MAC memorabilia or photos you’d like to share please send them on to Bill Williams as soon as you can.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Club Facilites

Located Melbourne, Australia. One of Australia's largest target archery clubs. Victoria's largest target archery club. Activities for ages from 6 to 80, 42 permanent outdoor target range, 18 metre indoor range. Open 7 days, Active Junior Program, Come & Try Program, Oz Bow Program, Birthday Parties, Corporate Days, Scouts & Guides, Schools Archery, All Abilities Program, Coaching, Affiliated with WA (FITA), AA. & AV. Olympic, Compound, Long Bow & Barebow Divisions. Disabled accessibility. Home of Champions, Victoria's Main Olympic archery training venue.

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