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Club Membership


New members are always welcome at the Moorabbin Archery Club and offer the following membership levels.

1.MAC temporary membership

2.MAC OZ-BOW membership

3.MAC FULL membership


1.MAC temporary membership is a restricted use membership, with a time limitation of approximately 3 months. A “MAC temporary membership” allows you to participate in our OZ-BOW program on a casual basis and qualify for award certificates based on score and distance. Club access is restricted to

OZ-BOW program times:


MAC temporary membership per session fees:

    • $22.00 for OZ-BOW program which includes equipment hire.
    • $14.00 for OZ-BOW program using own suitable equipment.
    • $25.00 for Monday evening coaching includes equipment if required.

“MAC temporary membership” offers time to decide if archery is a sport you would like to pursue further. At any stage during the 3 month temporary membership period you may upgrade to another level of membership, providing great savings/discounts on equipment hire and participation.



2.MAC OZ-BOW membership is a restricted membership. The annual membership cost is $170.00 (Adult) and $130.00 for juniors (under 18). The “MAC OZ-BOW membership” is valid from the date paid for a period for 12 months and includes registration for Archery Australia and Archery Victoria which provides visiting rights to other AA affiliated clubs and tournaments (fees apply). MAC OZ-BOW membership provides ongoing access to OZ-BOW program at a reduced cost. Club access is restricted to the OZ-BOW program times, plus other times by arrangement.

MAC OZ-BOW membership per session fees:

    • $14.00 for OZ-BOW program which includes equipment hire.
    • $9.00 for OZ-BOW program using your own suitable equipment.
    • $25.00 for Monday evening coaching includes equipment if required.
    • The MAC calendar is located at

At any stage during your OZ-BOW membership you may upgrade to “MAC FULL membership”.



3.MAC full membership provides access 7 days a week to the clubs shooting range. A key to open the outdoor targets is given to adult members if requested upon completion of certain qualifying rounds, which allows MAC full members with their own equipment to be able to shoot at any time. Full members can move back in distance more rapidly. They can still participate in the OZ-BOW program and qualify for distance award certificates (fees applicable).

    Full membership benefits include:

  1. 7 day a week access.
  2. Saturday Junior Rounds (twice monthly).
  3. Weekly Saturday competition round.
  4. Monthly Sunday competition round (Bowden Cup).
  5. Tuesday night indoor shooting (fortnightly indoor competition round).
  6. Normally 10 club BBQ’s per year.
  7. Free entry to all AA registered QRE’s held at Moorabbin Archery Club
  8. Free entry to the MAC Club championships
  9. Free presentation meal and drinks at the annual presentation day.
  10. Use of club equipment (provided you can use safely), bow presses, draw board, tuning frame & butt, string jig/s, hooter shooter, etc.

MAC full membership fees:

$325.00 Adult per annum, plus a once only joining fee $60.00

$225.00 Junior per annum, plus a once only joining fee of $40.00 (under 18)

Full membership includes Archery Australia & Archery Victoria registration as well, which provides visiting rights to other clubs plus the option to enter State and National Tournaments (fees apply).

MAC full membership OZ-BOW program per session fees:

    • $14.00 for OZ-BOW program which includes equipment hire.
    • $7.00 if qualifying for OZ-BOW certificates using your own equipment.
    • MAC calendar is located @


How to pay membership fees:

MAC temporary membership” fees are payable at the club each time you participate in the OZ-BOW program.

“MAC OZ-BOW membership” and “MAC full membership” can be paid either at the club or online at  located at the bottom right hand corner of the main page.

NEW members, please click on the “NEW MEMBERS JOIN" button then select the STATE and the CLUB, then select the membership type (discounts apply for family membership) enter your details and pay by credit card


Please Note: By applying for membership to Moorabbin Archery Club, you have confirmed you have read, and agree to abide by our Constitution, Club Rules & the AA Code Of Conduct.

MAC Constitution & Club Rules  (Download)

Archery Australia - Code Of Conduct  (Download)


UPDATES 22nd October 2020

COVID-19 update 22nd October 2020

 The club is finally opening again in a safe & controlled manner, & it is good to be back!
Attendance is limited to 10 archers. 

Come & Try - is still on hold & there are no sessions for the foreseeable future.

OzBow – Practice resumes on Saturday 24th October for Ozbow & Temp Members who have their own equipmentwe are NOT hiring equipment.

The sessions on both Saturday & Sunday runs 10am to 12pm.

If you have done so before, book via ArchersDiary.

If you have not used Archers Diary before, send email to to register stating which day & your bowtype (comp, recurve barebow recurve, longbow) to register your spot beforehand (we will limit bookings once we reach 10)

Masks must be worn at all times, except when actively drawing bow.
Personal Hand Sanitiser must be carried & used.
Do not touch another archer’s equipment.
Refreshments will NOT be available, so bring snacks & drinks.
Clubhouse closed, toilet access limited to times when Committee Member present.

Full Members – Practice resumes, 10 people max, no comp or Indoor yet.
Register as per normal for 2-hour slots via Archers Diary on weekends.
We ask you to avoid the 10am-12pm time slot, as this is reserved for OzBow.

Self manage weekdays as no booking required. Do not exceed 10 on site.


Qualifiers - Full Members shooting for qualifiers will use the OzBow session times of 10am-12pm.  As per previous weeks, send a confirmation email to  to confirm attendance.


Club Facilites

Located Melbourne, Australia. One of Australia's largest target archery clubs. Victoria's largest target archery club. Activities for ages from 6 to 80, 42 permanent outdoor target range, 18 metre indoor range. Open 7 days, Active Junior Program, Come & Try Program, Oz Bow Program, Birthday Parties, Corporate Days, Scouts & Guides, Schools Archery, All Abilities Program, Coaching, Affiliated with WA (FITA), AA. & AV. Olympic, Compound, Long Bow & Barebow Divisions. Disabled accessibility. Home of Champions, Victoria's Main Olympic archery training venue.

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